Australian Environmental Dredging

This division offers a combination of a floating plant fitted with articulated heads and attachments

Modern pumping technology enables us to dredge polluted sediments and loose bottom material with minimal agitation or dilution.

The pump can operate without any cutter heads and/or rotating means for agitating the bottom material to produce the solid/water mixture, thereby avoiding any induced turbidity in the surrounding water environment.

As such, no “secondary pollution” is created during the dredging operation.  This allows us to achieve results that have not been matched in today’s marketplace. The system can handle materials with a solids content of up to 70 – 80%; other (cutter/suction) dredging operations achieve up to 40% solids.

This enables higher volumes of solids to be pumped with less water, which reduces cost in water treatment.

The Pneuma Pump in action

Trial dredging in Mackay Harbour

Silt being pumped into hopper barge